Preserving our quality
Coffee Pulper
Wet Mill
In 2000 BMCV installed a modern coffee pulpery at Flamstead, where we pulp our cherry coffee the same day of reaping.

Our coffee pulpery uses the minimum amount of water possible to properly prepare washed Arabica coffee. We remove the cherry skin without water and wash the parchment in a mechanical washer instead of fermentation tanks. By recombining the water, pulp and mucilage we create the perfect environment for our California Earthworms to convert this mix to valuable compost.
BMCV coffee is sun dried on elevated wooden trays exposed to the sun and constantly turned. This enhances the quality of our coffee and ensures that the parchment receives personal attention and minimal damage.

One coffee expert, with over 20 years of experience in coffee drying, described our handling of our parchment coffee as "excellent, almost as if you are handling a baby"

Coffee drying on our trays
Dry mill
Dry milling our coffee
When dried our coffee is stored for months in our warehouse to age the coffee whilst being carefully monitored to ensure quality and optimum flavor.

The Dry Mill uses state of the art equipment and a dedicated staff. Here we mill our coffee separating by size and density after which our coffee is handpicked to remove defective beans.

Our coffee is processed separately and never mixed with others, a true estate coffee of the highest quality.
Independent Quality assurance
After all of our in-house quality checks our coffee is packaged and prepared for shipment. BMCV is licenced and regulated by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board, an independent regulatory body.

Each lot is inspected by the Quality Assurance Department of the Coffee Industry Board. Only after their unqualified approval are we allowed to use their logo on our packaging and our coffee shipped to our clients.
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