Hand reaping
Our staff .. our greatest asset
Quality is maintained by careful worker awareness and training.

At BMCV we practice Integrated Pest Management techniques, keeping herbicide and pesticide applications to the absolute minimum.

We value the dedicated effort of our staff.

Cherry coffee
At the peak of the harvest our Arabica Typica coffee fields are a feast of color -- green leaves, white blossoms and cranberry red berries. The eye is naturally drawn to the small red coffee berries known as cherry berry.

Quality is assured by vigilant fruit selection.

Our cherry pickers, true to their name, selectively remove by hand, from each branch only the most mature fruit. As an additional incentive for careful selection, our workers are paid a higher rate for reaping only cherry coffee.

At the heart of over 95% of our cherry berry are two coffee beans. To get to these beans we must remove the cherry skin, mucilage -- a slippery but sweet coating, parchment -- husk coating, and a thin silver lining.

Cherry coffee ready for picking
Coffee Flower
At the end of each harvest we prepare the plants for the new crop. This is heralded by the arrival of the coffee flower.

Our fields are transformed into seemingly snow covered trees. But with a tropical climate and temperatures averaging 80 degrees at mid day we know it is not so.

The smell of the farm is intoxicating as the coffee flowers release the jasmine like fragrance ... This lasts for just a few days and then they are gone.
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