Our clients say .....
It was on the occasion of my first visit to Jamaica more than 30 years ago that I was profoundly impressed by beautiful Blue Mountain coffee with perfect appearance, aroma, and body, deserving well of the reputation that it enjoyed at that time as the highest quality coffee in the world.

Many years have passed since such Blue Mountain coffee virtually disappeared from the coffee market and it has been my long cherished desire that someday Blue Mountain coffee as was seen 30 years ago would be produced by someone who has a passion for its revival.

The gods have finally granted my desire to see again beautiful Blue Mountain coffee. The coffee produced by the Dunkley family this year is just like that I saw 30 years ago in every respect. My desire is fulfilled and I wish to express my deep appreciation for what they have done.

Masao Arai, Consultant, Wataru & Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan