Jamaica Blue Mountain Peak
Our History
In 1728, the Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes introduced coffee seedlings in the parish of St. Andrew.

Coffee production was first reported at Flamstead, St. Andrew, in 1764 and quickly became the toast of the British Empire. Various British Governors have owned sections of the Flamstead property and reveled in the high quality of the coffee produced at Flamstead.

Flamstead's natural conditions of even rainfall, excellent microclimate for coffee, and mist drenched slopes form the base for an excellent cup of coffee. Added to these advantages are the attention to detail in farm care and desire to produce the best coffee we can.
Company Information
In 1982, Ambassador Carlyle Dunkley, Chairman and founder of Blue Mountain Coffee Venture Limited, acquired a section of the Flamstead property and began farming coffee. Today, Ambassador Dunkley's two sons Stephen and Graham, manage the company.

At approximately 80 acres BMCV, in an industry where the majority of the farms are 5 acres or less, is one of the larger coffee farms in the Blue Mountain region.

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Coffee Farm
Our Farm
Quality begins with proper site selection, and our farm standing 3,300 feet above sea level and oftentimes covered by the cool mists of the Blue Mountains, lies in an area traditionally associated with the production of high quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Quality continues with careful selection and preparation of plant material. BMCV planted the Arabica Typica variety and pay special attention to sustainable agricultural practices to ensure water and soil conservation.